Israel Film Festival

Discover Israel through its films. I believe that physically visiting the country is the best way to learn about it. However, if an El Al flight to Tel Aviv isn’t in your immediate plans, the 4th Toronto Israel Film Festival invites you on a fascinating “voyage of discovery”. Israeli society, including its diversity and complexities, is on full view in our program.
Israel is a filmmaker’s paradise. Like the country’s landscape, very small and incredibly diverse, Israeli society, too, is extraordinarily varied with contrasting milieus from conservative Ultra-Orthodoxy to Tel Aviv’s wild night life. Emerging from this diversity and Israel’s astonishingly multicultural society is a highly successful cinema. Within Israel’s cinematic paradise, some filmmakers have stood out. We are fortunate that they have accepted our invitation. A look at our list of speakers reveals their youth. Like their young counterparts in Israel’s high-tech, biotech, or green-tech industries, these filmmakers are known for their creativity and innovation. Among our guests is Noa Berman-Herzberg, the Screenwriter of “The Flood”, the poignant story of a family coping with their autistic son’s unexpected return home.

Tzipi Baider, the head of the documentary department at Israel’s Channel 10 escorts two 88-year old Treblinka survivors back to the concentration camp. The horrific setting gives way to a number of touching moments, ones that will remain with you forever. Tal Goren touches upon one of the most delicate nerves of Israeli society today: the five+ year plight of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit. The filmmaker spent years with the Schalit family and she provides a fascinating point of view of both the Schalits and of Israeli society at large.

The camera of Dani Menkin, the director of “Dolphin Boy” has documented the miraculous recovery of an Arab Israeli boy following an encounter, first, with violence, and then, with the dolphins of Eilat. The result is a touching and optimistic film. Look at the brochure carefully. Pay special attention to the filmmakers, and taking a lesson from last year’s Sold Out shows: hurry to order your tickets! You do not want to miss this one.