Israeli cinema continues to flourish with a wide variety of films on a  vast array of topics being produced. There is no better place to see  these cinematic offerings than the Toronto Israel Film Festival.  It all started, in Montreal, eight years ago with a modest programme. It was then, at the closing night of the first Festival,  when people gathered around pleading with me: “Promise us you  will be here again next year.” It was then that I entered into an  unwritten contract with my audience. For my part: I, for as long as  I possibly can, will continue to organize this Festival, a top class festival, in my humble opinion. Your part of the contract: you continue to come to see the best in Israeli film.

Since this pact took place eight years ago, I have put my heart into the Festival and, each year, seek out the best Israeli films.  And you? Each year you fill the theatres, discuss the films and talk about the speakers. You truly provide us with the incentive to take the Festival to new heights each and every year. It is, very much, your commitment guaranteeing our return each year.  Tell your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, about us. Tweet and blog about us. Write about us on your facebook page.