We are happy to be back for the 7th edition of the Montreal Israeli Film Festival. Once again, the films on the program this year provide us with a glimpse into the reality of Israel and its people – a picture very different from that portrayed by the media.

Our program consists of an exceptional selection of documentaries and a variety of successful feature films. Just like the Israeli film industry, documentaries are a blazing success, illustrating life in Israel from all angles, a fascinating mosaic!

This year, in addition to our evening screenings, we are pleased to present, for the first time, films in the afternoon, a documentary series on Sunday morning and an opening night on Saturday.

We are delighted to offer you incredible conferences of personalities that are the pride of Israeli cinema. Eran Riklis, director of Les Citronniers and La Fiancée Syrienne , will present Three Mothers and his latest success: The Human Resources Manager . Tomer Heymann, one of Israel’s finest documentary filmmakers, will be offering I Shot My Love – in the presence of the star of the film, Andreas Merk – and Bridge Over The Wadi . Finally, Dr. Raz Somech, central character – whom we nickname hero – from Precious Life , will present the film of Saturday’s opening night.

To offer you such a program, the Festival is moving! The downtown edition will be held at the Corona Theater and Concordia University, before heading west to the Guzzo Mega-Plex Côte Vertu.

Israeli cinema deals with complex and relevant topics – just like the country itself. These qualifiers assure us that the Montreal Israeli Film Festival, as in previous years, will captivate its audience.